CEREC Same-Day Crowns - Chula Vista, CA

New Teeth, Without the Wait

CEREC Crowns Are Beyond Convenient

If cavities or cracks have compromised your teeth, crowns are a dependable way to regain the durability, function, and natural appearance of healthy teeth. With them you never again have to stay tight-lipped for pictures, cover your mouth when speaking with others or be embarrassed by your smile. CEREC crowns take those benefits one step further. With CEREC technology, you can have your crowns designed, fabricated, and placed in your mouth during a single appointment. A monumental stride in cosmetic dentistry, CEREC crowns are available right here in our Chula Vista, CA office.

Benefits of CEREC Crowns

  • Same-day crown creation and placement
  • On-the-spot crown fabrication
  • No need for temporary teeth
  • Fewer visits
  • An amazingly strong, confident, and natural-looking smile

What Is CEREC?

CEREC, or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, is a revolutionary cosmetic dentistry tool that delivers quality crowns in a fraction of the time of traditional crowns. In the past, you’d typically wait weeks for final restorations. Not when you come to Bonita Del Rey Dental Care! Dr. Aldo Espinosa invested in CEREC equipment because he knows multiple appointments can be inconvenient. He also understands that getting back to a normal life is important to you; it’s important to him too.


Transform Your Teeth in About an Hour

With CEREC crowns, you can arrive at our Chula Vista, CA office without crowns and leave the same day with permanent ones. The technology’s onboard camera begins by taking a highly detailed digital impression of your mouth to ensure your CEREC crowns fit seamlessly with their surrounding teeth. Next, CEREC’s design program creates a blueprint for your new tooth or teeth, which is used by a built-in milling machine to fabricate your restorations. Our highly experienced team then places your CEREC crowns before sending you on your way!

Before After

See the difference one afternoon can make in your smile!

dental patient smiling after teeth next day Chula Vista CA