Military Dental Treatment Program – VA Approved!

Military Dental

Military Dental Treatment Program

We have received such a great response from our military discount program, so we decided to continue to extend these special offers!

First, you should know we are a VA approved dentist. This means, Bonita Del Rey is approved to provide dental services to Veterans. When Veterans need dental care, they are referred to an approved dentist who then determines the best course of treatment. Often times this may include a check-up, cleaning, routine exam or in more serious cases restorative treatment, like same day crowns or mini dental implants. Regardless of the need, we will work with you and the VA to determine your best treatment plan.

It is our primary goal with all our patients to bring out their best smile. We pride ourselves on providing customized, personalized oral health care. We meet with each one of our patients one-on-one to understand their specific needs and the best course of action,” says Dr. Espinosa.

When we meet with our patients, we go over all possible treatment options, including the following services:









    • And More!


Veteran Dental DiscountWe know most dental plans don’t cover all expenses, which is why we created special promotions for our Veteran community.

We offer all active and former military personnel 15% off any dental procedure, 20% off dental implants, and 4 mini dental implants for only $2,995.*

We recently completed treatment for one military veteran, and this is what he had to say. “I had pretty much every single tooth repaired. I actually feel normal again. I suffer from PTSD from combat, and I suffer from depression and part of that is from low self-esteem. Once I got treated, that helped me a great deal. Bonita Del Rey is well trained in dealing with patients with PTSD. I’m totally amazed with what they have done. I like the service and the professionalism. They make me feel at home.

Let us help you find the solution for your dental needs, and get the most out of your dental benefits. Call us today to find out more about your eligibility for dental care and schedule your free consultation!

*Restrictions may apply, cannot be combined with other offers. Offer is valid until 4/30/2019.

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Eric Chmiel

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