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Prepare For Dental Implants With Bone Grafting

Did you know missing teeth can seriously undermine your greater dental health? It’s true. When you lose teeth, unsightly gaps in your smile are the least of your concerns. Your jawbone relies on your teeth roots to stimulate it and keep it healthy. Without them, it begins to weaken and decay. Before long, you’re not only missing teeth, you’re also missing a piece of your jaw. At this point, you may be unable to eat and speak comfortably.

The structure of your face can also change significantly, leaving you with an unhealthy and unfamiliar appearance. With an innovative procedure called bone grafting, we can reverse that domino effect and replace those lost teeth with dental implants, all in one convenient Chula Vista, CA location.

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We Can Rebuild Your Jaw Through Bone Grafting

With bone grafting we take a small portion of bone from your body and place it in the area of your jaw where you’ve lost bone. This bone graft will slowly fuse with your jawbone, eventually becoming a permanent, healthy part of your body.

To help you heal after this procedure, we use plasma-rich growth factors, which are proteins found naturally in your blood. Plasma-rich growth factors help accelerate the recovery process, getting you back to normal sooner. We can then place your dental implants in your newly restored jaw, returning your ability to eat and speak without discomfort—and your confidence to smile proudly again—in just one visit to our Chula Vista, CA dental office.

Specialized Bone Grafting Procedures In Chula Vista, CA

A full-service general practice, we go beyond standard bone grafting to give you back a functioning, distinctive jawline and smile. When you lose bone in your upper jaw, your sinus can sink into the gap. We can undo this through a sinus lift, during which we carefully lift your sinus cavity and place bone graft material beneath it.

After you finish healing from your sinus lift, your jaw should have sufficient mass to hold dental implants. In the event that your bone loss has severely impacted your facial function and appearance, we can do a ridge augmentation, using bone grafts to restore the natural contours of your jaw. You’ll be able to eat, speak—and look like you again.

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Here at Bonita Del Rey, we are confident that our expertise and customer service surpass that of other dental offices in Chula Vista, and they assure their patients that they will receive a superior level of care.

Dr. Aldo Espinosa, DDS

With more than 20 years of experience providing for the local community’s dental needs; Dr. Aldo Espinosa served as a visiting scholar at the prestigious Loma Linda University, has collaborated on the latest dental implant textbook “Remote Anchorage Solutions For Severe Maxillary Atrophy” and became an active member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. He combines an extensive training on the most advanced dental implant techniques from around the world with the most sophisticated 3D printing technology on more than thousands dental implant cases placed here in San Diego, CA.

Dr. Mariano Oviedo, DDS

Dr. Mariano Oviedo decided at a very young age he wanted to be a dentist, he loved the combination of precision and compassion. Dr. Oviedo was born and raised in Argentina, graduated with honors from dental school in La Plata, Argentina in 2005 and continued to practice private dentistry specializing in implants and cosmetic dentistry for over 10 years. While still in Argentina, he was offered the opportunity to become a professor at the prestigious University of Buenos Aires where he taught Post-Operative Dentistry for 5 years.

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