Guided Implant Surgery - Chula Vista, CA

Precision Matters

Guided Implant Surgery Promotes Better Outcomes

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Dental implants provide a lasting, natural-looking solution to your missing teeth. The success of dental implant placement hinges on our ability to fit them for maximum comfort and aesthetics. At Bonita Del Rey Dental Care, we’ve invested in advanced technology that enables us to precisely design and place your dental implants, so you can enjoy a better smile—with no missing teeth—and a higher quality of life. Guided implant surgery is the most reliable way to get you there sooner.

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The Advanced Technology Behind the Process

A proud member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Dr. Aldo Espinosa has extensive experience in guided dental implant surgery. He starts the process by taking a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan of your teeth and mouth using CT technology right here in our Chula Vista, CA dentist office. After a digital analysis from our lab, we review the CBCT scan to plan the placement of your dental implants, taking extra care to confirm both their stability and aesthetics. An implant template is then designed virtually with an advanced design program, fabricated with a 3D printer, and fitted to a model to verify a firm, stable fit. Dr. Espinosa and our team then use that template as a guide during placement of your dental implants.

dental implants patient undergoing cbct scan Chula Vista CA
dr espinosa discussing guided implantology procedure Chula Vista CA

More Than Just a Perfect Fit

Dr. Espinosa has always been dedicated to integrating new, advanced technology into our practice for one reason: He knows that it will allow us to provide quicker, less invasive, and more precise treatment for you and every member of our valued patient family. As a general dental practice, our goal is to offer all the dental services you’ll need in a single, convenient Chula Vista, CA location. But that alone is not enough. We also want to use the sophisticated equipment and techniques that will enable us to provide those services at the highest level of care and with the best possible results. Guided implant surgery is yet another way we can deliver the exceptional care that you want and deserve.

Benefits of Guided Implant Surgery

  • Precise placement of your dental implants
  • Shorter placement procedure
  • Increased implant stability
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • Immediate restoration of dental function
  • A smile you’ll be eager to show off

Trust your dental implants to our guided implant surgery team.

dental patient smiling after procedure Chula Vista CA