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Our Philosophy

Bonita Del Rey Dental is founded upon the idea that dentists should treat people with
respect. We offer the latest treatment options to maintain your dental health and provide
you with a positive experience that you will remember. The moment you walk in the door
of our Chula Vista dental clinic, the quality of care you receive from our doctors, and in
the advanced State-Of-The-Art technology makes your treatments quick, comfortable,
and minimally invasive.

Additionally, thanks to our Digital Smile Design, you can preview your dream smile
before any procedure! Whether you need a teeth cleaning, dental implants, or want to
achieve your ideal smile, we can do it here with unmatched expertise. We invite you to
make an appointment to see our dentists and judge for yourself.

Our Cutting-Edge Smile Solutions

Dental Implants In One Day

Come in for dental implants one day, come back the next day and get a full set of provisional teeth that look and function just like real teeth. This unique tooth replacement process allows time for your mouth to heal after the implant placement procedure.

Dental Implants

Replace your lost or decayed teeth with durable dental implants, which our dentists place in your jaw to allow you to eat, speak, and smile with complete confidence for a lifetime. They’re today’s most natural-looking teeth replacement option. Guided implant surgery technology helps us precisely place your dental implants for optimal comfort and aesthetics.

Same-Day Crowns

You used to have to wait weeks for dental crowns. With CEREC technology, you can now have your crown fabricated and placed during the same visit to our Chula Vista, CA dentist office and resume everyday activities almost immediately.

Our Team

The team here is led by outstanding dentists. Dr. Aldo Espinosa brings more than 20
years of experience to patients with missing teeth using conventional and Zygomatic
dental implants. Dr. Espinosa has proudly placed himself as San Diego’s most trusted
dental implant surgeon.

Complementing this expertise is Dr. Mariano Oviedo, who provides a wide range of
restorative, cosmetic and preventive dental services to patients of all ages. Patients
mostly know him for his caring nature and friendly personality, making the most anxious
patient comfortable and relax in each dental visit. Of course, we couldn’t function
without our amazing staff, which consistently gets rave reviews from our patients! Make
an appointment with our Chula Vista, CA dentists today and come to meet us.

Preventive & Restorative Services In Chula Vista, CA

The first step in good dental care is prevention, and that starts with cleanings and exams every six months. With regular cleanings, our dentists are able to spot trouble early on and address it quickly, before it becomes a major problem.

However, we understand that the reason many people don’t get the dental care they need is due to fear of the dentist. That’s why at our dental clinic, we offer sedation dentistry. With sedation dentistry, you don’t feel a thing and remain blissfully calm throughout your appointment.

If you need a cavity filled, a root canal, a dental implant or another procedure, you can opt for sedation dentistry to make the process easier.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Many of our services are related to the function of teeth, but others are all about how your teeth look. If you believe your smile is unattractive, it will affect your self-esteem and your entire personality. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our dentists can help.

For patients whose teeth are yellowed or stained, we offer teeth bleaching solutions. If the problem is more extensive, such as with teeth that are badly stained, small, misshapen or worn down, we offer veneers. Porcelain veneers are a beautiful solution to many cosmetic issues with teeth. Veneers are cemented to the surfaces of your teeth, resulting in an instantly beautiful new smile.

Braces have long been considered cosmetic, but your bite and the angle of your teeth can affect your ability to chew, swallow and speak. At our Chula Vista dentist office, we offer different types of braces to meet our patient’s needs: traditional metal braces, Invisalign, ClearCorrect and Six Month Braces.

Dental Implants

When you are missing one or more teeth, you have several teeth replacement choices. Among these, tooth implants are the best solution. The reason a dental implant is the best type of replacement tooth is because unlike a bridge, it is implanted directly into your jaw. This is important because it keeps the jaw from atrophying — a consequence of missing teeth.

Waiting to replace missing teeth can cause your jawbone to recede, necessitating bone grafting. It can also allow your remaining teeth to drift out of place, leaving more gaps in your smile.

At our dental clinic, we manufacture dental implants onsite, so the entire procedure is faster and easier. Once you get your teeth replacements, they will function exactly like your natural teeth do — and you’ll get your smile back. For more information dental implants in Chula Vista, CA, contact us today.

Smile Gallery

What A Difference A Day Makes

Meet Our Doctors

Here at Bonita Del Rey, we are confident that our expertise and customer service surpass that of other dental offices in Chula Vista, and they assure their patients that they will receive a superior level of care.

Dr. Aldo Espinosa, DDS

With more than 20 years of experience providing for the local community’s dental needs; Dr. Aldo Espinosa served as a visiting scholar at the prestigious Loma Linda University, has collaborated on the latest dental implant textbook “Remote Anchorage Solutions For Severe Maxillary Atrophy” and became an active member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. He combines an extensive training on the most advanced dental implant techniques from around the world with the most sophisticated 3D printing technology on more than thousands dental implant cases placed here in San Diego, CA.

Dr. Mariano Oviedo, DDS

Dr. Mariano Oviedo decided at a very young age he wanted to be a dentist, he loved the combination of precision and compassion. Dr. Oviedo was born and raised in Argentina, graduated with honors from dental school in La Plata, Argentina in 2005 and continued to practice private dentistry specializing in implants and cosmetic dentistry for over 10 years. While still in Argentina, he was offered the opportunity to become a professor at the prestigious University of Buenos Aires where he taught Post-Operative Dentistry for 5 years.

What Our Patients Say

From our friendly and welcoming staff to our state-of-the-art facilities, there are many reasons why our patients choose us for their dental care needs.

Shawn Gray

1 month ago
This is my very first appointment I met the staff for the first time today. The office manager Jessica was so nice and extremely helpful she started off by giving me a tour of the facility (Which by the way was extremely nice with Modern equipment, beautiful manufacturing area, Just an overall professional working facility Furnished with quality equipment ). I was very impressed. Next, I receive the most extensive set of x-rays and photos of my mouth that I have ever received absolutely amazing the quality of their work. Then received an examination from the dentist after concluding his assessment, he thoroughly explained (in the order of importance ) the procedures necessary to reach my goal for a set of new teeth . The dentist was personable, knowledgeable, and very clear as to what needs to be done He took the time to make sure that I understood what the problem was and how it can be fixed. The Level of attention to my situation was very much appreciated. After saying goodbye to the dentist, Jessica then sat with me took she the time to once again explain the procedures that were recommended by the dentist, she explained the costs associated with my upcoming treatment plan, she provided me with payment options That would fit my budget. My treatment starts Monday. I look forward to getting this project underway. The Dentist and staff members were absolutely top shelf. I must say I have visited a variety of dentist throughout my life and Bonita Del Rey Dental Care just gave me a feeling of absolute comfort. I am looking forward To receiving the Care that I need Through Bonita Del Rey Dental Care. So I’d like to say thank you for the pleasant welcome. See you on Monday.

Donaldene McPherren

2 months ago
My visit was great, the doctor and the entire staff are wonderful, very friendly and caring. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs a dentist.

hello neibor

2 months ago
I’ve had the most amazing experience. The friendliest staff, two of the best dentist that I’ve ever worked with. They made me feel comfortable, relaxed, and stress-free throughout my entire procedure. Jessica helped me navigate the financial side of things and now I have a beautiful smile, and don’t have to hide my face anymore after years of being self-conscious, nervous and ashamed of my teeth. I wholeheartedly would recommend this place to everyone and anyone who needs help with their dental care. You will definitely leave their office smiling. I leave smiling every time I visit.

cheryl soto

2 months ago
My experience at Bonita Del Rey Dental Care was very nice. The office is so high-tech. Their equipment is all up to date.The staff and doctors were awesome and very friendly, They explained your processor step by step. They will work with you on a payment plan and make you feel comfortable. I give them 5 stars.

Hazel Maglanoc

2 months ago
Awesome experience so far, from the office experience, to the staff and the dental implant procedure. Looking forward for the full healing and completed procedure. Highly recommended!!!

Chris Tobar

3 months ago
How many people say they enjoyed their visit to the dentist? I did. As always I was greeted with smiles and everyone knew my name. Almost like family! Also, they are very informative. Doctor Espinosa as always, greets you with a smile and a warm welcome! I had a minor emergency on a Saturday night. That night I called and left a message about some broken teeth. The first thing Monday morning, I got a call from Bonita Del Rey and they had me in by 2:00 in the afternoon and out by 4:00 p.m. the care was excellent as always, and I left there with a full smile. Thank you again. Painless and happy as always after a visit for me.

Ed Rush Sr.

3 months ago
Always professional and very caring. As a patient , I felt like I was valued . Lots of respect for this group of dentists They are the best at what they do. Effective attention to detail

Lupe Dimacali

3 months ago
A life changing experience, when I first came to Bonita Del Rey Dentist, I was feeling embarrassed, ashamed, nervous, but those feelings soon disappeared, the staff as well as the dentist put all of my fears at ease, truly professionals and very knowledgeable. I will forever be grateful to Bonita Del Rey Dentist and all of his wonderful and very friendly staff. Thank you for everything you have done. I will highly recommend it.

Hombre Nuevo Radio

3 months ago
Great experience with the staff every time we need services from Bonita del Rey Dental.

Lina Ecdao

4 months ago
Bonita del Rey is the dental office to go to for dental services. The whole crew is very friendly and outstanding in remembering names. 🌟 🌟⭐️🌟🌟

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