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Nothing compares to the strength and durability of dental implants

Traditional dentures are meant to replace an arch or a mouth full of missing teeth. They are removable which means you take them out every night and secure them every morning with a dental paste. Since the only thing holding the dentures in place is a paste, you’re at risk for them slipping and sliding throughout the day as you speak and eat, and must avoid chewy and crunchy foods to reduce this risk of breaking.

Dental implants are just as strong as natural teeth because they fuse with the jawbone, forming a bond similar to the natural tooth root. This creates a tight, secure connection just as durable as a natural tooth.

Dental Implants can withstand the same type of force and injury as natural teeth, and with dental implants, you can chew and eat anything you’d like!

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How Strong Are Dental Implants?

In-House Laboratory Technicians are highly trained in tooth morphology and anatomy, framework design, and aesthetics. With their expertise, they work with our patients to compare aesthetics and will precisely craft your dental restoration. Their skill, artistry, and dedication will combine to provide you with the highest level of quality, both in form and function, along with the most pleasing cosmetic result.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art and latest technology, we are glad we are able to provide a beautiful, long-lasting and natural-looking smile with dental implants.

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