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Avoid the Hidden Dangers of Dental Anxiety

IV Sedation Can Help

Dental anxiety is a common phobia. Many people have a fear of going to the dentist, whether or not they’ve ever had a bad experience. Often, it’s the dental tools, the time spent in the chair, and/or the lack of control over what’s happening to them that cause patients to worry. And while most people have nothing to fear from a dental procedure, there is a considerable risk associated with dental anxiety: the fear of dental visits can cause some people to ignore symptoms and avoid treatment of issues that can have serious health consequences over time. Some people have developed cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and pregnancy complications as a result of poor dental health. We don’t want you to be one of them! At Bonita Del Rey Dental Care, we offer IV sedation and other effective anesthesia options to keep you relaxed during procedures at our Chula Vista, CA dental clinic. You’re like family to us, and we genuinely care about your comfort.

Our Chula Vista, CA Sedation and Anesthesia Options

  • Oral Anesthetic
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Local Anesthetic
  • IV Sedation
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A Deeper Look into IV Sedation

While all forms of anesthesia and sedation are effective for their specific applications, IV sedation has some distinct advantages when it comes to eliminating dental anxiety. It provides you with powerful, dependable pain control and leaves you with no memory of the procedure itself. Despite this, you actually do stay awake during your procedure, but you’re not aware that you’re awake. Because of its potency, IV sedation is especially useful for complex or lengthy procedures. We work with a Chula Vista, CA-area anesthesiologist who’s specially trained in administering IV sedation to keep you calm and pain-free. Make your next appointment with us now—there’s nothing to fear!

Count on us to take your worries away.

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