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Results You Can See from Braces You Can’t

Invisalign® Has Clear Advantages Over Traditional Metal Braces

There’s no question that traditional metal braces do their job well. They’re very effective in straightening crooked teeth or preventing teeth from becoming crooked in the first place. Even with these noteworthy benefits, metal braces have their downsides. They can make speaking and eating difficult and require discipline to properly maintain. Metal braces can also draw unwanted attention from others, which can be particularly problematic for adolescents who seek the acceptance of their peers. A revolutionary advance in orthodontics, Invisalign is proven to straighten your teeth and align the top and bottom rows for a better bite—without dominating your smile. With it you can enjoy the confidence of stable performance now and an exceptional appearance both now and later. Invisalign—available right here in our Chula Vista, CA dental office.


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Metal Braces

Discreet teeth straightening

Natural-sounding speech

Greater confidence

The freedom to eat most foods

Can be removed for cleaning

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Invisalign Discreetly Straightens Your Teeth

If you want straighter teeth but don’t want the drawbacks that go along with wearing traditional metal braces, we have the solution for you! Invisalign gives you the advantages of metal braces through discreet clear aligners that render them nearly invisible to others. In fact, you may even forget you have them in! Made from highly durable plastic, Invisalign’s clear aligners slip over your teeth and slowly shift them back into proper alignment. Dr. Aldo Espinosa has extensive qualifications and experience in orthodontics. He and our team will custom-fit your aligners to your teeth in our Chula Vista, CA dental clinic, ensuring that they’ll stay firmly in place and feel comfortable while you’re speaking, eating, and smiling. People won’t see your Invisalign aligners, but they will notice a change in your look and your attitude! Invisalign allows your confidence to shine through.

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dental patient wearing invisalign Chula Vista CA