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American-Made Quality That’s Clear

When it comes to braces, the only thing you want to see is excellent results in the form of straight teeth. While traditional metal braces can dominate your smile with their highly noticeable wires and brackets, ClearCorrect is a transparent orthodontics solution that offers you all the benefits of metal braces, discreetly. With it, you can smile confidently knowing that few people will even realize you’re wearing braces. Made of high-quality, customized plastic aligners, ClearCorrect reliably straightens crooked teeth and prevents straight teeth from becoming crooked. Whenever you need to eat or brush your teeth, simply remove your aligners. Clean ClearCorrect with warm water and clear antibacterial soap. We’d love the opportunity to tell you everything you need to know with a free consultation right here in our Chula Vista, CA dental office!

What Can I Expect from ClearCorrect?

  • Subtle teeth straightening
  • Aligned top and bottom teeth
  • A more comfortable bite
  • Clear speech
  • Increased confidence
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Easy cleaning
  • Proven orthodontics technology
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ClearCorrect Aligner Chula Vista CA

Other Benefits of ClearCorrect Over Braces

Traditional metal braces put additional space between your teeth and lips, which can make natural speech difficult. Without seeing you, a person speaking to you on the phone may be able to tell that you’re wearing them. Food also tends to get stuck in metal braces when you’re eating; to properly maintain them, you often need to give extra time and attention to their cleaning. Metal braces also bring with them certain social concerns, as many adult brace-wearers believe that braces are for younger people and can become self-conscious, while teens may feel awkward among their peers while wearing braces. None of these are issues for ClearCorrect patients. If you need teeth straightening treatment, don’t overlook ClearCorrect. Let us custom-fit you with these wonders of orthodontics in our Chula Vista, CA dental clinic.

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