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Comparing Dental Implants: Zygomatic vs. Full Arch

Zygomatic vs Full Arch Implants

The issue of tooth loss, referred to as edentulism, is a prevalent global health concern stemming from various causes that can result in partial or complete tooth loss. According to the NIDCR, adults in America aged 20 to 64 have an average of only 25 remaining teeth out of a total of 32.

Our team at Bonita Del Rey can help replace missing teeth, proudly serving the entire area as a premier dental implant center. With a focus on dental implants in Chula Vista, our reliable dental care team offers personalized treatments tailored to your specific needs, including:

Curious about the distinctions between these two types of dental implants, including their mechanisms and determining the right choice for you? Continue reading to find out!

Exploring Full Arch Dental Implants

Full arch dental implants offer a viable solution for patients experiencing the loss of multiple teeth. This approach involves utilizing numerous dental implants to support an entire arch of replacement teeth. In contrast to conventional dentures, which rely on adhesives and rest on the gums, full-arch dental implants present a more enduring and secure solution.

The journey begins with a consultation with our dentist in Chula Vista to determine your candidacy for this implant type. In a comprehensive dental assessment, which includes evaluations of bone density, gum health, and overall oral well-being, advanced techniques such as X-rays and 3D imaging are often used to determine precise placement verification.

Once approved for surgery, any remaining teeth are extracted before the implant procedure begins. The surgical phase entails placing four or more titanium posts into the jawbone, allowing for integration over several months, also known as osseointegration.

Following a sufficient healing period, using abutments, custom-made replacement teeth are securely affixed to these implanted posts. With proper care and maintenance practices, full arch dental implants have the potential to last for many years without the need for repair or replacement.

Full arch dental implants in Chula Vista provide an effective and comprehensive treatment option for individuals grappling with extensive tooth loss, ensuring both stability and the restoration of functionality and aesthetics to their smile.

Understanding Full Arch Dental Implant Types

Choosing between two distinct categories of full arch dental implants allows for personalized selection:

  1. Fixed Full Arch Dental Implants: These are also known as All-on-Four or All-on-Six implants, depending on the required number of implant posts for supporting a complete set of teeth. Typically, four or six implant posts are strategically inserted into the jawbone, acting as anchors for a permanent bridge or denture.
  2. Removable Full-Arch Dental Implants: This type commonly involves an implant-supported overdenture, which offers the flexibility to remove prosthetic teeth for cleaning and maintenance. Two or more implant posts securely snap onto a removable denture.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each patient’s needs and preferences is paramount. Consultation with your our dentists becomes crucial for determining the most suitable type of full arch dental implant, taking into account factors such as oral health, bone density, budget considerations, and lifestyle.

Benefits of Full Arch Dental Implants

Embracing full arch dental implants brings forth a multitude of advantages, catering to individuals requiring extensive tooth replacement. Here’s a breakdown of the key benefits:

  1. Improved Stability: Full-arch dental implants excel in providing heightened stability, eliminating concerns about denture slippage or movement during daily activities such as speaking and eating.
  2. Realistic Feel and Look: These implants closely mimic the feel and appearance of natural teeth, seamlessly integrating with existing teeth to deliver a beautiful and authentic smile. This stands in contrast to dentures, which may occasionally exhibit an artificial appearance.
  3. Conserving Bone Density: By replacing both the missing tooth and its root, full-arch dental implants contribute significantly to preserving bone density in the jaw. This proactive approach helps counteract the typical bone deterioration associated with tooth loss.
  4. Durability: With diligent care, full-arch dental implants in Chula Vista boast exceptional longevity and durability, often lasting for decades or even a lifetime. This durability transforms them into a sustainable and enduring investment in both oral health and overall quality of life.

Full arch dental implants emerge as a comprehensive and compelling option for those searching for a tooth replacement solution that prioritizes stability, aesthetic appeal, and the preservation of jawbone density.

Qualities of Ideal Candidates for Full Arch Dental Implants

When considering full arch dental implants, the selection of a suitable candidate is a pivotal decision. The eligibility for this dental procedure hinges on various factors, encompassing oral health, medical history, and bone density.

Key considerations for those contemplating full arch implants include:

  1. Overall Oral Health: Prospective candidates must showcase healthy teeth and gums before delving into full arch dental implant surgery. Open discussions with the Chula Vista dental team should address any underlying periodontal disease or tooth decay, ensuring optimal conditions for the implant procedure.
  2. Complete Medical History: A patient’s medical background is a critical element in the assessment process. Issues like heart disease or diabetes can affect recovery, healing time, and the overall success of the surgery, demanding thorough evaluation and consideration.
  3. Jawbone Density: Adequate jawbone density forms the cornerstone for supporting implants. However, if there’s significant bone loss over time, additional dental treatments like bone grafting may be necessary before implant placement.
  4. Mental Readiness: You should be mentally prepared for the procedure, comprehending the various stages, including recovery. A willingness to undergo all aspects of the treatment journey is essential for a positive outcome.

Adhering to these criteria heightens the likelihood of achieving successful results from full arch dental implant surgery. Prioritize a consultation with our dentists in Chula Vista at Bonita Del Rey to assess your eligibility before committing to any surgical procedures.

Understanding Zygomatic Dental Implants

Losing multiple teeth often leads to areas of the jawbone lacking stimulation, initiating a natural process known as resorption. This breakdown and reabsorption of bone can result in bone atrophy, posing a risk to the integrity of the facial structure. 

For individuals experiencing significant bone loss in the upper jaw (maxilla), where traditional dental implants necessitate surgical support, zygomatic implants offer a compelling alternative. Zygomatic implants provide a viable solution, especially for patients unwilling or unable to undergo bone grafts or sinus lifts.

Also known as zygoma implants, these specialized implants are surgically positioned into the cheekbones (zygoma) above the maxillary bone. The inherent strength of these cheekbones serves as a stable anchor for implant-retained bridges, eliminating the need for a bone graft. Zygomatic implants, distinguished by their length and robustness compared to traditional implants, are inserted at a 45-degree angle on each side. This surgical procedure requires specialized expertise, typically performed by a maxillofacial surgeon.

While the zygomatic implant procedure shares similarities with traditional implants, involving an initial surgery appointment with a temporary bridge, its distinct advantage lies in the potential for immediate placement.

Often termed ‘immediate placement’ or ‘same-day’ implants, zygomatic implants empower patients to leave the dental practice with a rejuvenated smile on the very same day. This eliminates the prolonged waiting period required with traditional implants.

Zygomatic implants offer a swift and uncomplicated alternative for individuals previously considered to lack sufficient bone for dental implants. They boast a higher success rate and a less invasive approach than bone grafts. This groundbreaking solution provides patients with securely anchored, long-lasting, natural-looking replacement teeth, encompassing all the benefits of traditional implants.

Benefits of Zygomatic Dental Implants

Zygomatic dental implants present numerous benefits for individuals seeking comprehensive tooth replacement. Here are the key advantages:

  1. Solid Foundation for Dental Restorations: Zygomatic implants are a strong foundation for dental procedures such as bridges or dentures. That way, you can reinstate comfort in chewing and speaking. 
  2. Ideal for Extreme Bone Loss: Specifically designed for individuals with substantial bone loss in the upper jaw, zygomatic implants offer a viable option when traditional dental implant placement may not be feasible. Importantly, there is no need for a bone grafting procedure.
  3. Faster Recovery: Zygomatic implant placement typically entails a shorter recovery period compared to traditional implants. People can resume everyday routines within a few days after the procedure.
  4. Long-Lasting Resolution: With proper care, zygomatic dental implants provide a durable and lasting solution, offering patients extended functionality and confidence for many years.
  5. A Natural Look: Zygomatic dental implants deliver a natural-looking solution for missing teeth, enhancing patients’ confidence and self-esteem by seamlessly blending with existing teeth.

Qualities of Ideal Candidates for Zygomatic Implants

The ideal candidate for zygomatic implants in Chula Vista is an individual requiring tooth replacement but facing a significant loss of the essential supporting bone needed for conventional implant support. This loss may result from extensive periodontal disease or prolonged use of removable dentures (or partial dentures) over an extended period. The consistent friction of a denture against the gums naturally induces recession of the underlying bone, reducing the available bone mass in the jaw.

For those contemplating zygomatic dental implant treatment, the critical criterion is maintaining sufficient healthy bone mass above the jaw, particularly in the cheekbone area. This condition ensures a smooth and painless dental implant procedure, even in cases of bone loss in the upper jaw.

Selecting the Optimal Dental Implants for Your Needs

The choice between full arch and zygomatic implants is contingent on multiple factors, encompassing the state of your teeth and jaws, individual preferences, and financial considerations. Due to the substantial implications for oral health, consulting with an experienced implant dentist is imperative to make the most suitable decision for your case.

In specific scenarios, our dentist might propose a combined approach, incorporating zygomatic implants in the upper arch alongside traditional implants in the lower arch. This hybrid strategy effectively addresses missing teeth in both jaws, offering a comprehensive and tailored solution.

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For more detailed guidance, don’t hesitate to contact us at Bonita Del Rey. Our committed Chula Vista dentists and dental team are devoted to steering you toward a happier and healthier smile, ensuring you undergo the required procedures with expertise and care. 

New patients can call (619) 777-1122, while current patients can contact us at (619) 482-3264. Schedule a dental appointment in Chula Vista at Bonita Del Rey today. 

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