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Straight Teeth Sooner

Shorten Your Treatment Time for Braces

Have an important occasion coming up and you want your teeth to look just perfect for the pictures? That wedding, anniversary, vacation or family photo shoot needn’t worry you anymore. There’s an option that will enable you to straighten your teeth using braces in as few as six months instead of up to 18—the length of time treatment with standard braces can take. Six Month Braces have revolutionized orthodontics. Even if you don’t have a special event in your near future, you may just prefer not to wait to feel more confident about how you look or want to spend less time wearing braces. We understand, and we offer the solution right here at Bonita Del Rey Dental Care. Six Month Braces, precisely fitted by the highly experienced team at our dental office in Chula Vista, CA, will change the way you look—and the way you see orthodontics.

Advantages of Six Month Braces

  • Shorter treatment time than standard braces
  • Discreet appearance
  • Reliable results
  • Permanent solution
  • Cost-effective option
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Six Month Braces Can Be Your Little Secret

Because the Six Month Braces process focuses on your “smile zone” teeth, we’re not only able to complete your treatment more quickly but also at a lower cost than traditional braces. Six Month Braces are also designed to be less noticeable, so you can show your teeth without hesitation during the treatment period instead of waiting six months. Six Month Braces use clear brackets and tooth-colored wires to discreetly straighten your teeth, so most people won’t even realize that you’re wearing braces. Come to our Chula Vista dental clinic for a consultation to hear more about Six Month Braces and get answers to your questions about this amazing accelerated orthodontics option.

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