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10 Reasons We’ll Make You Smile

Smile at Bonita Del Rey

There is nothing more beautiful than a smile! It’s contagious, it can reduce blood pressure, smiling is even considered a form of exercise and studies show, employers are more likely to promote someone who smiles often. We know how powerful a smile can be, and that’s why we want to share;

10 reasons we will make you smile at Bonita Del Rey:


    1. “Our mission is simple, we care about you! You may want to fix a gap, straighten your smile or replace your teeth, whatever your goal we are here to listen, educate, provide solutions and give you the best dental experience,” says, Dr. Espinosa.


    1. We offer a new patient special. As a new patient, you can get your teeth cleaned, exams and x-rays for only $95. That’s a $200 savings!


    1. Aside from general dentistry, we also offer a full suite of services including teeth whitening, braces, dental implants and more.


    1. We pride ourselves on the latest technology. We not only have state-of-the-art gadgets to make our jobs more efficient but more importantly to make your treatment more comfortable and effective.


    1. We are VA Approved! That means, when a Veteran needs dental care, they are referred to an approved dentist (that’s us) who can determine the best course of treatment. Plus, we offer all active and former military personnel 15% off any dental procedure and 20% off dental implants.


    1. We offer dental crowns in one single visit. With other dentists it may take several visits before you have your crowns placed, but with the CEREC process we have you in and out with Same-Day-Crowns.


    1. We can restore your smile, fast and affordable with our Mini Dental Implant Special. Also completed in just one visit, we offer four mini dental implants for $2,995 ($5,200 value). Imagine your smile restored in just one day!


    1. Our anesthesia is syringe-free and painless. The Wand STA system offers state-of-the-art technology for more precise injections, the results are rapid and there is no unnecessary numbing. Plus, it’s less threatening and easier to use.


    1. We give back to the community with our free dental treatment program. You may nominate someone who you feel needs dental treatment and we choose a recipient every month to receive treatment for free.


  1. Our team is experienced, bilingual, and compassionate and listens to your needs. We have customized payment options, low down payments, no interest, extended terms and we work with all dental insurances.

Military Dentist

Are you smiling? We aren’t even done yet! We also offer free consultations and second opinions. Call today to schedule your next visit. We can’t wait to see you smile.

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