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5 Most Common Myths about the Dentist

Myths about the Dentist

I love going to the dentist,” said, no one ever! But why? The fear of going to the dentist seems as old as time. However, dentistry has come a long way since stone-aged tools and loud drilling noises. In fact, we have identified 5 myths that continue to discourage many from going to the dentist. Let’s shed some truth on these age-old beliefs.

1. It’s Painful! Actually modern dentistry should be comfortable and pain free. With the latest in technology we are able to see and do more without getting too invasive. We administer painless & syringe-free anesthesia, which means a more rapid onset of anesthesia and no unnecessary numbing. Plus, it’s proven to reduce adverse tissue reactions and minimize tissue damage, while providing reliable and consistent injections. For patients who have a more serious fear of going to the dentist, we also offer Nitrous Oxide, allowing our patients to feel more calm and relaxed during their visit.

2. It’s Scary! We know the fear of going to the dentist is eased with a few different tactics. First and foremost, it’s the fear of the unknown. When we meet with our patients, we make sure to explain every option available and how best to conduct their treatment. Once you take out the unknown, we find our patients are far less scared and more excited to have a customized treatment solution.

3. It’s the Sounds! We use the latest dental technology including, electronic hand-pieces which are smoother and quieter, and preferred over the drill. Plus, we have a number of distractions at your disposal including, monitors and wireless headphones so you can watch or listen to something more soothing during treatment.

4. It’s the Service! The interactions you have with your dentist, staff and service can have a lasting impact. We often hear our patients feared the dentist for so long because of a bad memory with a previous dental experience. “When I started this practice, I did it to give my patients the best dental experience possible and I’ve committed to hiring those who have the same core values. It’s always about the people,” says Dr. Espinosa. Don’t let one bad experience or memory impact your decision on getting great oral health care. See why others have chosen Bonita Del Rey.

5. It’s the Cost! Often times the cost is a deterrent, but truth be told, the more you hold off on maintaining good oral health care, the far more expensive it will be. And let’s face it, the value is of the utmost importance which is why we invest in the latest technology and offer customized treatment plans for all our patients. We know you make a choice about how you want to spend your hard earned money, and we want to give you the best value for that decision.

We know it’s going to take time before we hear patients saying “they love going to the dentist.” But it’s got to start somewhere and we are committed to continuing to educate our patients so you understand the importance of oral health care, not just to your teeth and gums, but to your overall health and well-being. We continue to stand behind what it was that started our practice, and that is you! Call us today for a free consultation, second opinion or if you have any additional questions.

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