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5 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Dentist

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Not all dentists offer free consultations or second opinions, like Bonita Del Rey. So when you visit your dentist, we want you to be armed with the information you need to make the best decisions about your oral health care. After talking with our patients and team, we’ve put together the 5 most important questions you should ask your dentist!

  1. What Services Do You Provide?

You may just need a routine cleaning and x-rays, but what happens if you have a dental emergency, abscessed tooth, or need to replace broken or missing teeth with dental implants? You want to make sure your dentist and team offer a full range of services.

You may not know your TMJ problem can be resolved with Six Month Braces, and not all dentists offer this treatment. It’s important to make sure your dentist offers a suite of treatment options.” – Dr. Espinosa

  1. What Treatment Do You Recommend for Me?

Every patient is different! That’s why it’s important to ask your dentist what treatment they recommend for you. You may think you know best, but when you take matters into your own hands it could cause problems. You may be brushing too hard, or whitening too often. Leave it up to the experts to tell you what treatment they think is best for you!

  1. How Do You Stay Up-To-Date With Latest Technology?

Technology has come a long way in oral health care. Staying on top of the latest trends can be difficult, but your dentist should have the best and newest technology. While they may not yet have the advanced 3D printing like Bonita Del Rey, it’s important they have the most improved x-ray machines to detect issues in your mouth. Plus, going to the dentist can be an uncomfortable experience for some, the latest technology can make your experience so much better.

  1. Do You Offer Nitrous Oxide?

Speaking of uncomfortable dental visits, not all dentists have the ability to give you an enjoyable experience. Nitrous Oxide is a medication or sedation agent that has been used for many years to ease the anxiety of dental patients.

We have found for patients to overcome their fear of the dentist there are a few key calming tactics that help. First we make sure all their questions have been answered and they know what is to come next. We also offer a number of “distraction” methods like wireless headphones and TV monitors. If that doesn’t do the trick, we recommend the use of nitrous oxide to calm their nerves,” says, Dr. Espinosa.

  1. What Can I Do to Improve My Oral Health Care?

More often than not, you will hear the regular “brush and floss twice daily, drink plenty of water to keep your mouth clean between brushing and flossing, and stick to your regular dental visits.” But again, going back to the, not every patient is the same, there may be things you can do between check-ups to improve your smile. If you don’t ask, you may never know!

We hope you’ve found these questions helpful. As we mentioned before, Bonita Del Rey offers free consultations and second opinions. Give our office a call, and let us know what questions you have about your oral health care!

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What Are Others Saying?

Google Dental ReviewsDentist reviews are leading the charge in how we learn about your experience in our practice, and how others view us when making a decision. Thank you to those who have already given their feedback. We know it takes time, and we value and appreciation your input in advance.

5 Stars from Gloria – “I have never had a dentist I was happy with before.  I was recommended by a family member, to visit Bonita Del Rey, my searching was over. The love and concern for my teeth was the best thing. Now I look forward for dentist appointments. Try them one time and you will love them.

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