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7 Dental Implant Mistakes Most People Make

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A good dental implant will replace the whole structure of your missing tooth. This is important as it also helps to ensure you do not suffer any bone loss in your jaw as a result of the gap the missing tooth leaves behind. Interested in a dental implant in Bonita Del Rey Dental Care? Dental implants can be one of the best ways to restore missing teeth. They offer a natural-looking restoration that can easily last 30+ years. Dental implants are an expensive procedure, and the process is also lengthy. All reasons why it must not be taken for granted. It is important that you be aware of all the care and precautions to take before, during, and after having dental implants.

In this blog, the team at Bonita Del Rey Dental Care has summarized some common dental implant mistakes, rumors and questions people are known to make from time to time. These mistakes can easily cost you your dental implants, health and even force you into more surgeries in the future.

1. Timing is Everything/ Should I wait on getting Dental Implants?

Don’t procrastinate! After getting a tooth pulled the clock will start ticking. The opening in the bone, where the tooth was once located, will initially be larger and capable of supporting a dental implant. However, in time the bone will wither away (atrophy) and lose the support a dental implant will need for proper positioning. Also, your chances of losing another tooth within the next 5 years increases 20%. A missing tooth creates a gap, into which adjacent teeth tilt, misaligning bite and causing occlusion and TMJ. From there, teeth become subject to the impact of strong chewing muscles, increasing the chance of tooth breakage and periodontal disease. Act fast! Don’t wait!

2. Taking dental implant offers that are unrealistic/ Are cheap dental implants worth it?

Most people who look for places where they can get dental implants for the first time usually go to the internet to research. From the internet, it is, however, very easy to get duped into falling into deals that offer you several discounts and vouchers for their services. Most of these deals are usually lies. But you find that many patients still fall for them and end up with cheap dental implants which will only bring more problems soon. So, going to a dentist for dental implants when you still know nothing about implants can be a poor decision. This is a huge investment and requires a lot of responsibility.

Having an inexperienced dentist can cause you problems in the long term. You must be careful who you let handle your dental implants. You do not want a poorly trained or inexperienced dentist doing all sorts of crooked “surgical” procedures in your mouth. Look for a qualified and experienced dentist who knows what he is doing.

Without enough research or getting a qualified and experienced dentist, there is a chance that you might also have fake or poor-quality implants inserted. You may only be setting yourself up for implant removal a few months after you place the poor-quality ones. And this is no fun. Good implants can serve you for a lifetime and work perfectly well throughout the entire time.

3. Plan the Road Tip/ Does technology really matters when getting Dental Implants?

Make sure you go to a dental office that has the capability to pre-plan the surgery with the right imagining equipment such as 3-D cone beam X-ray technology. Implant dentistry has improved a great deal over the last decade with many enhancements rectifying old techniques. Before you step into the gas, make sure to look for this important details when picking a dentist:

  • Adequate equipment
  • Staffing
  • Sedation
  • Financing
  • Communication
  • Education

Always stay current and seek a professional consultation.

4. Check the inclusions in the pricing/ Dental Implant Pricing Guide?

Not every dentist will give you a pricing that covers the beginning to end of the process. It’s not uncommon for dentists to leave out the second stage of the procedure, where the final, fixed teeth are actually placed. This stage can often drastically increase the price you were expecting to pay for your Dental Implants procedure. However, dental implants can be a good investment. They can last several years longer than a bridge, which can last about 7 to 15 years. Implants can go for an average of 10 to 15 years longer, depending on how well you care for them. As long as you take good care of your teeth and gums, your implants will be in good shape for years to come.

5. Dental implants are painful / How long will the pain last on my dental implant?

Any oral surgery can cause some pain and discomfort, but many patients claim that implant placement is less uncomfortable than a tooth extraction. Bonita Del Rey Dental Care’s modern numbing techniques and surgical procedures can ensure that any discomfort is minimized. If desired, sedation dentistry can help keep you relaxed and pain-free.

You may be prescribed painkillers for a few days, depending on your health history and your individual needs. Take your pills as prescribed to stay ahead of the pain. Most people can go back to work as normal within two or three days.

6. Not taking care of your dental implants/ Are dental implants safe?

As mentioned earlier, dental implants need to be taken care of for them to serve you longer. Failure to do so may lead the areas where the implants were inserted being infected. You also need to see your dentist at least twice a year to check how the implants are faring on.

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Dental implants are a very safe, reliable and convenient restorative dental treatment for missing teeth, and we’re happy to give you the facts about what you can expect from the process. So if you’d like to make a change to your smile, come see Dr.

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