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Are you a candidate for computer-guided dental implants?

Restoring that perfect smile, just got easier!

With computer-guided implant placement treatment, our patients see little down-time, no stitching and no cutting. By using the latest technology like 3D Xrays, virtual models and 3D printing we are able to plan the dental implant procedure with much more accuracy and efficiency. Plus, it’s virtually painless for our patients!

Traditional implant techniques, that are still practiced today by most other dentists, mean major surgery performed by the dentist including cutting, stitching and patient down-time. This is how the implant procedure has been performed for the past 30 years in dentistry. Not at Bonita Del Rey,” says Dr. Espinosa.

So what is the computer-guided dental implant procedure? The guided implantology treatment restores the root of your tooth to help form a strong foundation for a natural looking replacement.

First, we meet with you to conduct a full evaluation to ensure you’re a candidate for computer-guided dental implant surgery.

Once we have completed the analysis we get the planning and design underway. During this phase, we take a computerized scan of your mouth and teeth. The scan is sent to a lab to conduct the digital analysis. It is then reviewed to plan the optimal placement of the new implant both for stability and aesthetics. The implant template is then designed virtually and produced with a 3D printer. After it’s created, the template is fitted to a model to ensure accurate placement. This template will be used to guide your new replacement tooth.

Watch this short video to see the computer-guided dental implant process take place.

Dental implants are one of the most successful and popular dental treatments around. Comfortable, durable, and natural looking, they provide a permanent solution for severe tooth problems. They can be used to replace as many teeth as needed, getting your smile back to the way it used to be. We are experts in planning, surgery, and dental restoration, meaning that you’ll be receiving the highest standard of care possible,” says Dr. Espinosa.

At Bonita Del Rey, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. We are committed to researching, learning and financing the very best treatment for our patients. If you’re ready to complete that perfect smile, contact our office for a complimentary dental implant consultation today. We will conduct a full evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for the computer-guided dental implant procedure.

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