The Promise of a Smile

“Smile and the world will smile back!” Smiling is one of the most important characteristics in living a happy, healthy life. If you’re smiling, most often you’re expressing a feeling of joy. How can anyone be sad with a smile? It’s just not possible.

Smiling is so much more than a response to something funny. Studies show that smiling, whether forced or not, has a positive impact on your life. A smile can show confidence, compassion, love, commitment and can even improve your business and health.

So, how does a smile carry so much power? Here are a few reasons how smiling can change your life.

1. Others will find you more attractive. Let’s face it, everyone looks good in a smile. When you first meet someone, your initial assessment is physical. It’s all about the first impression, how do they dress, carry themselves, communicate, and so on. A smile brightens your face, and softens your features.

2. You’re more approachable. How often are you excited to interact with someone that looks like they are having a rotten day? That doesn’t sound like fun. A smile makes connecting with someone so much more comfortable and safe.

3. People want to be around you – it’s contagious. Yes! How can you not smile when others around you are smiling? Smiling promotes a happy, joyous environment. Imagine adding laughter to the mix, that’s the greatest smile reaction. In most cases, others will mimic behavior, so smile on.

4. You exude confidence. People who smile seem to have higher self-esteem. A smile gives you strength and courage – two very strong qualities of self- assuredness.

5. It makes you feel good. It takes 12 muscles to smile and 113 to frown. That sounds like a lot of negative energy. When you’re feeling down, try smiling. You will notice very quickly it will change your perspective.

6. It can improve your relationships. Some of the longest marriages started with a smile. How often do you hear, “I fell in love with her smile” or “He always makes me smile.” Smiling is a natural reaction when you’re in a happy relationship.

7. Smiling can build your business. Have you ever heard that you can hear a smile through the phone? It’s true. Try it the next time you’re on the phone and you will not be surprised by the outcome. Smiling effects how we speak, and the listener can hear it in your tone. Studies show, that the inflection in your voice impacts customer service and sales. Smiling shows your customers you care.

8. It can improve your health. Similar to changing your mood, your smile can improve your mental and physical health by lowering stress and anxiety. When you smile, you release endorphins or chemicals that make you happier.

Our team at Bonita Del Rey understands the power of a smile, and we have built our business on making your smile your most important asset. Are there reasons you don’t smile? Could it be because you’re worried about a chipped tooth showing, or maybe your teeth are a little stained? We want to help boost your confidence, improve your health and overall wellbeing. Call us today for a free consultation or 2nd opinion. Let’s share that smile with the world.

Eric Chmiel

Eric Chmiel

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