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7 Treats To Improve Oral Health

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Treats To Improve Oral Health

As we gear up for warmer months, we often think cool treats like ice cream, frozen yogurt or popsicles. But all of these are packed with tons of sugar, which we know breeds bacteria in our mouth. How can we stay cool during the summer, and keep our mouth healthy? Here are seven treats we guarantee will refresh you as it heats up, and they are good for you!

    • Frozen bananas – so sweet and refreshing, bananas are also packed with a number of vitamins and minerals which are good for your teeth. While they do contain natural sugar, they don’t stick to your teeth.


    • Fresh fruit – melons, berries and apples are a great source of nutrition and contain a ton of water. While they make for a delicious sweet treat, they are also hydrating you during the summer months. Added bonus!


    • Ice pops – usually packed with a ton of sugar, you can make your own popsicles with fresh fruit and water. Get creative with the shapes, or even make fun ice cubes and add to your favorite sugar-free beverage.


    • Flavored soda water – this may take some getting used to, as we are so programmed to have sugar in our fizzy drinks. But soda water can be so refreshing, and when added with a natural flavor like lemon, lime or cranberry, makes drinking water much more exciting.


    • Smoothies – not only sweet and refreshing, but are packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals. Replace one of your meals with a smoothie and include, almond milk, spinach, bananas, strawberries and almond butter to get the most amazing combination!


    • Infused water – staying hydrated and keeping your mouth clean can be fun. Try infusing your water with cucumbers, or lemon slices. Mix it up each day, try mint leaves or ginger for a different flare.


    • Slushy – this isn’t the usual gas station slushy, but it’s just as tasty and better for you! Mix your favorite fruits like watermelon or berries in a blender with lots of ice, you will thank us later.


We realize many of these suggestions still contain sugar, but it’s in the natural form opposed to processed. To be safe, we always recommend drinking lots of water and brushing after every meal in order to keep your mouth clean and free of any bacteria-forming debris. For the most party, these foods are healthy for your body, and for your teeth!

Why Bonita Del Rey?

A smile is one of the most powerful expressions you can make. It reflects your health, happiness and can even get you a raise at work. We know how important a smile is, which is why we pride ourselves on making you smile! Here are ten reasons why Bonita Del Rey will make you smile.

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    1. Our mission is all about YOU! Every year we sit down with our team to determine how we want to make a difference and you are always at the top of our list. We listen to feedback, read reviews and make changes based on your needs. We know you are the best part of our business.


    1. We offer specials on treatment plans you need. The biggest one, is on dental implants to help restore teeth. Right now we are offering four mini dental implants for only $2,995, that’s over a $2,000 savings!


    1. Our team practices full service dentistry, meaning we do general treatment like x-rays and cleanings but we also do a comprehensive assessment of your mouth and provide you recommendations based on your needs i.e. same day crowns, dental implants, six month braces, teeth whitening, Invisalign, and more!


    1. We have the latest technology, which means we can utilize 3D printing tools to develop your perfect smile. This gets you in and out in fewer visits than it would take another dentist.


    1. We are VA approved and offer active and former military specials discounts!


    1. We use the CEREC process for crowns, so you can have a restored smile in one single visit.


    1. Our team specializes in dental implants and tooth restoration, it’s one of the reasons our patients come to us. Dental implants are like having natural teeth!


    1. We know going to the dentist can be unnerving, so we offer our patients nitrous oxide. Not all dentists provide this service.


    1. We use technology to administer precise injections for rapid results and painless anesthesia.


    1. We give back to the community, by granting a new patient free dental services every month.


And if that’s not enough…we also offer free consultations and second opinions, and our staff is bilingual! Are you smiling yet? Call today to schedule your next appointment.

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