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Interesting Facts About Your Smile

smile facts

Have you ever heard the saying, “you can’t hide behind your smile?” Well, we are about to tell you some interesting facts about just that.  While on the surface, your smile may reveal your level of happiness, satisfaction or joy, it can also tell others how you feel about them, your level of determination in life, or what you just ate for lunch (that’s usually if you have something in your teeth).

Check out these interesting facts about smiles, which one is most like you?

Types of smiles


    • Tight lip smile – most often used in an uncomfortable situation, a smile with lips pressed tight together may show unease, fear, shyness and/or that your hiding something.


    • Smug smile – often comes across as showing superiority or arrogance, but can also be used when a person feels out of their element as well. Interesting this smile can have double meaning, as it’s sometimes used in flirting with others.


    • Half smile – this smile tends to show confusion. It’s half happy, half shy, or maybe even sad. It can also show as someone being tired or lazy.


    • Open mouth smile – usually comes across as disingenuous or fake, it may be overcompensation or over expression of an emotion.


  • Toothy smile – most common when someone is happy, the most genuine and confident smile to have.

Deeper Meaning Behind Your Smile

Smiles are one of the most studied facial expressions, and rightfully so, they say so much. Here is some additional research on deeper meaning behind your smile:


    • According to a report by Medical News Today, a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant can depend on how well she takes care of her teeth and gums.


    • A fanged canine-teeth smile can tell people how dominant your personality is! “Since the time of the caveman, canine teeth have been the mark of the carnivore, which is why the fang toothed grin is seen as an indication of a dominant personality.”


    • Teens who smile more, or are considered “happy” have shown to make more money as adults. One study followed 10,000 participants for ten years starting from teens and ending in their twenties. Findings revealed those who expressed greater happiness or smiled frequently, earned ten percent more than the average person.


    • If you smile more regularly, it often means you are less stressed, which means you also have fewer worries and leads to being more fun to be around. These people were found to be better employees, and get more promotions!


    • A bright white smile is often seen as a status symbol, so those who have nice white teeth are also seen as successful.


  • There was also a study that showed those who had bigger smiles in school photos were proven to have more successful marriages.

Pretty interesting what you can tell from a simple facial expression, right? So, the lesson here…smile more often, you will be happier, healthier and more successful! And our goal at Bonita Del Rey is to make you smile. Call us for a free consultation or second opinion today.

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