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What are CEREC (or Same-Day) Crowns?

Your life is busy, and that’s probably an understatement. It’s filled with meetings, appointments, after school activities (if you have kiddos) and… what’s for dinner? We understand you’re juggling a number of tasks throughout the week, and that’s why we make it easy for you to quickly restore damaged teeth in one single-visit to the dentist.

chula vista dentist, Aldo with the cerec machine
How is that done, you may ask? Well, with cutting-edge technology called CEREC, the world’s most advanced dental CAD-­CAM, we are able to provide you with dental restorations like crowns, veneers and bridges in one single appointment instead of the traditional two.

The process is quite amazing, says Dr. Espinosa. We conduct a full examination to determine the best treatment. Then we take an impression of your teeth using the CEREC 3D intraoral camera (no more messy, goopy, gaggy impressions), this creates a 3D full-color model of your teeth. The computer designs a customized crown to the size and shape of your tooth, while you wait. Then we place the all-ceramic dental crown. With a little fit and finish, you’re off and running with a beautiful, natural-looking smile in less than a couple hours.

The CEREC process not only allows for single-visit convenience, but also high-tech accuracy and precision as well as a metal free, healthy tooth material. Plus, CEREC is often more comfortable for patients because they do not have to wear a temporary crown while waiting for their permanent crown to be created.

Alan E., one of our patients, had this to say about the same-day crowns. “I have had numerous crowns made or replaced by Dr. Espinoza in the past three years without any problems whatsoever. He uses the newest technology imaging to produce a perfect fitting crown in just over an hour! This is light years ahead of the old method; a much more comfortable procedure with better results. I couldn’t be happier with this dental office.

We are excited to share this cutting edge-technology with you! If you would like to find out if you’re a candidate for CEREC or Same-Day Crowns, please give us a call (619) 482-3264 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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About Bonita Del Rey Dental Care

At Bonita Del Rey Dental Care, Dr. Espinosa offers the latest technology in dentistry, providing patients with faster treatment times, comfortable restorations and natural, beautiful looking smiles. With CEREC crowns, patients don’t have to wait weeks before having their smile restored, so visit Dr. Espinosa for a free consultation if you are in need of a crown. Out team offers restorative dental care from our Chula Vista dental office, but we serve patients from Bonita, Eastlake and the surrounding communities. Contact our office today and one of our team members will answer any questions you have and help you schedule an appointment.

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What Others are Saying

Dentist reviews are leading the charge in how we learn about your experience in our practice, and how others view us when making a decision. Thank you to those that have already given their feedback. We know it takes time, and we value and appreciation your input in advance.

Five Stars from Sandra B.

This is by far the best dental establishment I’ve been to in my entire life. The customer service is exemplary. It’s like being part of an extended family. Everyone is so nice, professional and welcoming. Every employee knows your name, situation and dental plan of care. It is a team effort and approach which is nice and makes you feel like a valued part of the family. They made what I thought was an impossible job to get a great smile possible. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel. I am forever grateful. The precision of dental work, competency of skills, dedication to excellence and impeccable customer service is what makes Bonita Del Rey the top dentistry in San Diego!!!!

Five Stars from Cammy S.

I had a bad experience at a previous dentist office, so I decided to look for another dentist office so I called my insurance they gave me a website to find a dentist office. I called and made an appointment. I was a little nervous, but I must say they have excellent service from the time you walk in still you finish. I can’t regret. I did my cleaning and filling today I came out smiling. The staff at this office including the doctors they are very professional. I must say thank you to each one of them. If you looking for a dentist office I recommend Bonita Del Rey Dental Care.

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