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Oral Health & Technology: 3D Printing Dental Implants

Oral Health & Technology

Did you know we can create replacement teeth with 3D printing technology? It’s wild, right?! If you’re in the market for tooth restoration, this is the article for you. Our implant technology focuses on restoring your teeth for a natural-look. And we’ve got the latest technology to do just that! But first, what is 3D printing?

How 3D Printing Works

3D printing produces objects by adding layer upon layer until you have a structure, also known as additive manufacturing. It allows us to make complex materials at a fraction of the cost. The first step of 3D printing is to create a model of what you’re trying to develop. Once it’s designed you can send it to the printer for final production. The printer, most often, uses plastic material that melts, prints and hardens to create the object. However, food products are being tested and are right around the corner! That’s for another article.

3D Printing Dental Implants

Now that we have the gist of 3D printing, how can we use it to restore teeth? Here’s what it entails:


    1. A scan is taken of your mouth and teeth, we use a cone beam computerized axial tomography (CBCT) scan for this process. That scan is then sent to a laboratory for digital analysis. It’s what helps us create the digital model.


    1. The scan is reviewed in order to plan for the optimal placement of your new implant. Special care is taken to ensure both the stability of the implant, as well as its aesthetic appearance.


    1. The implant template is designed virtually and then created using a 3D printer.


  1. Once created, the template is fitted to the model to ensure its accurate placement. Your dental surgeon will then utilize that template to guide him or her as your new replacement tooth is inserted.

Watch this short video to see the process take place.

Technology has come such a long way for us in oral health care. Similar to restoring your teeth with dental implants and 3D printing, we also use a digital process for same day crowns. What used to take weeks or even months to restore your smile, now only takes a couple visits. That’s why we specialize in the latest technology to bring you the best, cutting-edge, high-quality care.” – Dr. Aldo Espinosa

Your smile says so much about you, so let us help you make it perfect! If you have concerns about your oral health, please contact our office. We offer free consultations and second opinions.

Once Dr. Espinosa decides on a treatment course, we will always be sure to fully explain what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what the next steps are. We are committed to making your experience a pleasant one, and will answer every question you have along the way.

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3D Printing Same Day CrownsBe In The Know

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What Others are Saying 

5 Stars from Sandra J.

I have been coming here since September 2016 and have been nothing buy pleased with the service I  have received from Dr. Espinosa and the entire staff. Of all of the dentists that I have seen over the last 50 plus years, Bonita Del Rey is my favorite and best!! From my first visit I was very impressed with the amount of time spent going over the treatment I would need and were even open to making changes when I decided that the partials I received didn’t work out for me and choose to do implants instead. The best part of my experience with Bonita Del Rey is that I am treated like family here.”

5 Stars from Lisa M.

The Dentists and all the staff at BONITA DEL REY, are wonderful.  For someone like myself who has anxiety, and is usually shaking in my boots when going to the dentist the staff takes the time to talk with me while in the chair and that has been a huge help. I think today was my fifth time and today I wasn’t scared.  Because the work they did was amazing.”

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