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Brace Yourself…More Adults Are Perfecting Their Smile!

Six month braces

It may come as a surprise, but more than 20% of those getting braces nowadays are adults. That’s right, adults are leading the trend in straightening their teeth, and it’s for more than just cosmetic reasons. While perfecting your smile is a benefit to getting braces, there are a number of additional benefits like improving your overall oral health care. How your teeth are aligned can make it difficult to brush and floss, causing long term effects. Here are some additional benefits to getting braces.

Benefits of Adult Braces

  • Stop bone erosion
  • Prevent gum recession
  • Improve speech
  • Reduce risk of tooth decay and gum disease
  • Prevent tooth injuries
  • Correct jaw pain
  • Encourage healthy habits
  • Increase smiling

There are many health benefits to correcting teeth alignment. The biggest one is the impact on improving overall oral health care. It’s not easy to brush and floss properly when your mouth is crowded,” says Dr. Espinosa. Once your teeth are straightened, brushing and flossing is much easier, and you will find taking care of your teeth is more of a priority.

Aside from oral health benefits, there are mental health benefits as well. It’s true! Studies show, the more you smile the more you are self-assured, confident, happy, and even successful. We have seen it first-hand. Straighter teeth make a huge impact on our patients. There is a visible, noticeable difference in their disposition. Imagine, beautiful teeth and a better outlook on life!

But braces don’t sound very appealing, right? The great news…with the latest in technology, we have a solution that takes half the time, braces took to improve smiles years ago. At Bonita Del Rey, we offer six month braces. These are clear and almost unnoticeable.

Have you already had braces as a child or young adult? You may think since you had braces as a child or young adult, you don’t need them again. This is not the case. Over time, if you haven’t continued to wear your retainers (who does?), your teeth shift and move. With six month braces, you will have that smile back in no time.

Find out if you’re a candidate for six month braces, today. We offer a free consultation to provide you the best treatment options to achieve your specific results.

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What Are Others Saying?

Choosing the right dentist for you and your family is no easy task. Similar to other medical practices, we hear more often than not, patients learn about us from a dentist review they read online or recommendation they receive from a friend. With that in mind, we want you to know what our patients are saying about us! Check out these reviews from Yelp, Google and Facebook. Google Dental Reviews

Five Stars from Pao – I been to different dental offices through my life and had so many bad experiences till I found Bonita Del Rey Dental!!! I can honestly say they are the best!! Me and my family enjoy visiting them, the staff is awesome not to mention the Doctors!!! Jessica, Emma and Paulina are always so pleasant to talk too! Their customer service is top rated 100% satisfy!

Five Stars from KC – I’ve just had my final appointment with Dr. Kay for an implant on a front tooth and I cannot be happier! The entire process was easy and comfortable. Everyone in the office was so gentle and kind; I cannot say enough nice things about everyone there! I spend a ridiculous amount of time smiling (really, it’s almost problematic) and now I can smile without feeling self-conscious. Thank you so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Five Stars from Melissa – I always have a very good experience with this dental office. The office is very clean and seemed organized. The dentist and staff are all very nice and courteous to me and other patients. They are awesome!  Special mention to Rick , the hygienist . Love his work and attitude ! My husband and I are both patients here and we love the way he cleans our teeth. My last dentist didn’t have a hygienist at their office and for me that’s not right. I checked other offices and I’m glad I found them and I’m satisfied with the way they treat me and my husband. Rick is very good at what he does and takes his time and explains everything to me and addresses if there are any concerns I should be aware of. Overall, I can definitely recommend this office for any dental needs.

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