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The Royal Treatment – A Dental Crown In One Visit!

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You don’t need to be the heir to the throne to get royal treatment in our chairs! That’s right, we treat all our patients like kings and queens, when it comes to perfecting their smiles. Because we pride ourselves on having the latest technology, we can crown you in one single visit. With the CEREC Dental Crown process, also called Same Day Crowns, we will have your smile restored fast and efficiently. Here’s how it works!

The CEREC Dental Crown Process

The Inauguration – First Impression

On your first visit to our office, we conduct a full examination and discuss your goals and objectives. After we determine the best treatment for you, we take an impression of your teeth using the CEREC 3D intraoral camera. No sticky, goopy impressions. Just a super cool 3-dimensional model of your teeth.

The Formation – Custom Designs

The software used in the CEREC dental crown process allows us to create a custom design quickly and accurately, while you wait. Your dental crown is shaped, colored and molded just for you – to fit your mouth naturally and comfortably.

The Implementation – Behold the Crown!

After your replacement tooth is created, we will place the matched, all-ceramic dental crown. It’s fitted, polished and bonded. Your smile is restored, and you’re on your way, just like that!

Get the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

At Bonita Del Rey Dental Care, we offer the latest technology in dentistry. We provide our patients faster treatment times, comfortable restorations and natural, beautiful smiles. With CEREC dental crowns, patients don’t have to wait weeks before having their smile restored.

Out team offers restorative dental care from our Chula Vista dental office, but we also serve patients from Bonita, Eastlake and the surrounding communities. Contact our office today and one of our team members will answer any questions you have and help you schedule your free consultation.

What Are Others Saying About Bonita Del Rey?

Dentist reviews are leading the charge in how we learn about your experience in our practice, and how others view us when making a decision. Thank you to those who have already given their feedback. We know it takes time, and we value and appreciation your input in advance.

Customer Testimonial:
Linda tells us about her experience at Bonita Del Rey. We restored her smile with the CEREC Crown process. Listen to her story…

More Customer Reviews:

5 Stars from Gloria

I have never had a dentist I was happy with before. I was recommended by a family member, to visit Bonita Del Rey, my searching was over. The love and concern for my teeth was the best thing. Now I look forward for dentist appointments. Try them one time and you will love them.

5 Stars from Melissa

I always have a very good experience with this dental office. The office is very clean and seemed organized. The dentist and staff are all very nice and courteous to me and other patients. They are awesome! Special mention to Rick, the hygienist. Love his work and attitude! My husband and I are both patients here and we love the way he cleans our teeth. My last dentist didn’t have a hygienist at their office and for me that’s not right. I checked other offices and I’m glad I found them and I’m satisfied with the way they treat me and my husband. Rick is very good at what he does and takes his time and explains everything to me and addresses if there are any concerns I should be aware of. Overall, I can definitely recommend this office for any dental needs.

We would love to hear from you too! Leave a message below, or write a review on Google+Yelp or Facebook. As we mentioned before, our patients help us learn and grow every day. And we are appreciative of that!

Why Our Patients Choose Bonita Del Rey

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